Monday, 30 April 2012

Bobbi Brown Corrector Concealer: A review

As a "concealer virgin," I felt somewhat reserved to try this product, as I had no idea how my un-predictable skin was going to take to it. As someone who has battled with problem skin for around three years, I am not one for taking risks when it comes to cosmetics.

I bought the Bobbi Brown corrector concealer online, in the second lightest shade, Porcelain. This concealer has pink undertones in it, as you can see in the pictures below. (That swatch was done on my lower arm.) 

On my actual face it's gorgeous! It matches my skin tone really nicely, and since it is a corrector concealer, it counteracts all the colours I don't want on my face, like red tones for blemishes, and blue and purple tones for under eye areas - which I fortunately don't suffer with at all - but for those of you that do I can guarantee it will help hide them.

The concealer itself is very creamy and pigmented. You can build up coverage ranging from medium to heavy, depending on how much you use. I think this is great for pale skinned people as it isn't at all orangey which is a general complaint you often hear about when trying to find paler shades of both concealer and foundation.

I am glad that I went against my initial instinct and experimented with this product, as I have found it really assists in evening out my complexion, staying put throughout the day without making me look oily or cakey. A must-have for everyone's makeup collection!

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